Most Shopify Store owners only have the "Front End" of their business in place. You use Facebook and Instagram to drive traffic, BUT that's just a fraction of the sales You should be making. 
(Especially those of you doing Free + Shipping offers)
I'm going to show you where you're leaving PILES of cash on the table, and how to get it:
How Any Shopify Store Owner Can Make More Consistent Sales On Autopilot. 
(Without Riding The Up And Down Waves Of Facebook Ads and Instagram Shoutouts!) 
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Learn the Secrets Behind Our $250K Email Sequence (Then Copy and Paste!)
We've spent the past 4 years sending hundreds of thousands of emails testing, tweaking and adjusting to create the "Perfect" eComm email sequence for Shopify store owners. 

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  •  Welcome Sequence - Using urgency and scarcity marketing tactics we quickly turn browsers into buyers
  •  Abandoned Cart: Saves you thousands of dollars a month in lost sales
  •  Browse Abandonment: Shows custom emails to those who have shown interest in TARGETED products
  • Product Review/Cross Sell: Show laser focused products to cross sell and upsell customers
  •  First Time Buyer Series: Move buyers down your funnel to get them to become repeat buyers
  •  Double Buyer Series: Double buyers unlock special discounts to create life long loyalty
  •  Reengage/Winback Series - "Warm Up" Customers and subscribers who haven't taken action in a while
Automated Email Sequences, Are Like Salesmen That Work For You While You Sleep!
Rest peacefully at night knowing that your business is no longer leaking piles of cash and sales are no longer slipping through the cracks. Put your automated "salesmen" to work for you and increase your passive income!
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Proven Strategies Behind the Email Sequences
Over several years, countless clients, hundreds of thousands of emails, and millions of dollars generated, we've whittled it down to the SEVEN strategic email sequences that must be in place order to maximize your sales and rake in more money. 

The triggers, the timing, the subject lines and the content have all been tested and proven out for maximum profitability. 

All you have to do is copy, paste, and profit!
Written by a Professional Copywriter 
As a professional copywriter, and a continual student of the craft, you can rest assured that the emails we provide are top-notch and very strategic. 

Build rapport and trust in a way that people actually enjoy opening and reading (not spammy or boring!)
Imagine Steady and Consistent Sales for Your Online Store...
No more anxiety or having "slow days" - These email sequences are automated and strategic and send to the right people, at the right time, with the right content. This turns them from browsers into buyers, into repeat buyers!
Copy, Paste, Set It and Forget It!
We know you don't want to sit down and write an army of emails. Writing sales copy probably isn't your thing, and that's okay! Just use our emails, copy them to your email service, tweak them a little bit and launch!
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